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HY&C Stitch #6

November's stitch is the blanket stitch. I love this stitch because it makes a solid, textured fabric which you can see below. This solidity is what makes it perfect for blankets. It uses a simple combination of basic stitches, so it's great for newbies as well as oldies who need a quick, simple pattern. The… Continue reading HY&C Stitch #6

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Washcloth #21 Mat Stitch Washcloth

This washcloth has a beautiful, solid texture and would make a great companion to my Mat Stitch Hand Towel. Make them as a set and some luxurious soap and you've got a great little gift! This is a washcloth that would be great for everyday use. You can see the whole collection here to find… Continue reading Washcloth #21 Mat Stitch Washcloth

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Washcloth #20 Large Shells

This washcloth is another fan stitch, which means multiple stitches, in this case treble crochets, are worked into the same space or stitch and then anchored by a single crochets. This stitch creates a fairly solid fabric with the shells creating a wavy look. This is a washcloth that would be great for everyday use.… Continue reading Washcloth #20 Large Shells

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We all love freebies right?

Here are some that will hopefully help you organize your projects. Yarn and hook info: Ever wonder what hook goes with what weight yarn? Or what weights are the same? This can help! yarn-hooks-2-1Download Yarn Themed Calendar: This cute calendar in undated so you can begin using it whenever you'd like. undated-calenderDownload WIP tags: Never… Continue reading We all love freebies right?

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Textured Face Scrubbies (free PDF pattern!)

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download • DESCRIPTION: Simple enough to make several, this face scrubby will gently scrub off the day’s stress. Make several and give to a friend for her birthday or to the new mom at your office so she can pamper herself. They make great gifts or stocking stuffers… Continue reading Textured Face Scrubbies (free PDF pattern!)