Free Pattern · Freebies · Washcloth Collection 2021

Washcloth #20 Large Shells

This washcloth is another fan stitch, which means multiple stitches, in this case treble crochets, are worked into the same space or stitch and then anchored by a single crochets. This stitch creates a fairly solid fabric with the shells creating a wavy look. This is a washcloth that would be great for everyday use.… Continue reading Washcloth #20 Large Shells

Free Pattern · Washcloth Collection 2021

Washcloth #19 Parquet Stitch

The parquet stitch is one of those crochet stitches that has more than one name. It is also called the Primrose stitch. The names are completely interchangeable. No matter what you call it, the stitch makes a beautifully textured fabric. Rows of double crochet clusters alternate with rows of single crochets and chains to create… Continue reading Washcloth #19 Parquet Stitch

Free Pattern · Washcloth Collection 2021

Washcloth #17 Little Yellow Fans

This stitch creates a softly textured fabric with a dainty, feminine look. The fans are cradled by single crochets. It would be great for a Mother's Day gift, a birthday gift, or a house warming gift. Simple and quick, it works up easily. This is a washcloth that would be great for lighter tasks. You… Continue reading Washcloth #17 Little Yellow Fans

Free Pattern · Washcloth Collection 2021

Washcloth #15 ~ Clam Stitch Washcloth

The Clam stitch is an interesting stitch that produces a subtly textured fabric. The stitches produces fans or arches that look like clam shells. The Clam stitch washcloth is made up of alternating fans and double crochet. The stitches create a design that looks almost floral but isn't overly feminine. This stitch would make a… Continue reading Washcloth #15 ~ Clam Stitch Washcloth

Free Pattern · Washcloth Collection 2021

Washcloth #14 ~ Posts & Clusters Washcloth

The Posts & Clusters Washcloth is one of the most heavily textured washcloths of the collection. It looks really intricate but is not hard at all. The texture comes from post stitches and clusters, both of which add texture on their own. When they're combined they become the main feature instead of an accent. The… Continue reading Washcloth #14 ~ Posts & Clusters Washcloth